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Will my house be left a mess after you have rendered your services?

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our attention to detail which is included in a full team 360 careful inspection of the property.

I thought super heroes don't exist?

After you see our work and customer service, you’ll believe other wise.

Why do you only offer a 10 year warranty?
I thought roofs last longer than that?

Our ten-year warranty is based on our heroes work and installation-related issues.  Material warranty is covered by manufactures and usually consist of 20 years up to a lifetime.

Why Roof Heroes? What makes you a hero?

We save homes, one roof at a time with efficient and clean work, competitive and fair prices, and above and beyond customer service.

What if my roof needs repair in the winter?

Our heroes are on call 24 hours a day all year around and equipped to withstand all natural elements thrown at them.

You are  Roof Heroes, how come you also do home repairs?

Homes are our specialty. But ask us to cook and we will have a problem. After decades of working with tools, it is in our nature to gain knowledge of fixing day to day items/ knowledge of working on day to day task. 








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