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We can come to your rescue for more than just the roof over your head. Our home repairs services are for those pesky jobs around the house that you simply don’t have the time for.


Our team has experience with task such as installation and building of new purchases,  repairing regular wear and tear items,  and overall handy man jobs/task.


Don’t have time with the regular upkeep required for homes? We are also happy to offer our services such as window cleaning, lawn cutting, weed removal, leaf removal, power washing, and regular upkeep of outside decor.

We understand how valuable your home is, and that's why we employ a team that's on call 24 hours a day. We take our job very seriously and ensure that we can come to your rescue any time you need it.


Our repair services include emergency leaks service, roof preventative maintenance, roof evaluations & consulting, roof repair, fascia and soffit repair. We make sure that you can rest easy knowing that our prompt call back policy matches our prompt services.


Our work comes with a material life time warranty of 20-25 years.

Our eavestrough/gutter installation services include replacing old and non efficient gutters with new seamless eavestroughs that use hidden hangers which give your home a cleaner and newer look, while enhancing the capacity/efficiency of rain and snow on your roof.


Our roof heroes also believe in recycling 100% of eavestroughs, meaning your old eavestroughs will not be seen filling landfills.


Just like our roof repair services, we offer a 24 hour eavestrough repair service because we understand the importance of immediate action in order to prevent further damage. Our heroes always recommend being proactive instead of reactive!




Our heroes understand the importance of regular maintenance of eavestroughs (gutters) which is often over looked but is extremely crucial/vital to the proper care of a roof. 


To help your roof keep you protected day in and day out, we offer a top of the line cleaning service that can get your eavestroughs working like new! Included in this service is complementary downspout cleaning that will free up any clogs located in your downspout.   


We also specialize in installation of preventative measures with gutter guards such as nylon guards, vinyl filters, reverse curve guards, mesh guards, and foam type guards. Ask/consult one of our knowledgeable heroes on which is suitable for you in order to make the correct choice.


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