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One cannot be deemed a hero without keeping promises. We guarantee we'll be here for you, and we mean it.

Should any services not meet your expectations, it's likely because you didn't call Roof Heroes to fix your roof (yes, we've earned our bragging rights).

We always get the job done right, guaranteed.


When it comes to homes, there's nothing more important than feeling secure with the roof that lays over your head. Roof Heroes was built on the philosophy of placing quality, mess-free and friendly service at the forefront of all our roofing and property projects.


We understand each scenario is different and every household has a unique budget. We present realistic, reasonable and transparent pricing options that work well within your comfort level.


We have come to the rescue for several residential and commercial properties across the GTA. Noted best for our experienced and friendly heroes, we are well known for our 'leave no mess behind' policy- a truly unique super power in this business.


We are experienced and treat your roof like our very own
Friendly & pleasant heroes at your doorstep, guaranteed
We don't leave a mess when we're done our work
Our eco-friendly program helps us be a hero for the earth too
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